After some prodding from his high school arts teacher, William E. Bryant, (the name behind the company) moved from Northern California to PHX. In 1984 to attend a small vocational school focussing on graphics and fine art.

After excelling at the top of his class, he was hired by an interior design firm in his home town back in Northern California . Within a year the vocational school he attended offered him a position teaching . So he moved back to the Valley of the Sun.

He taught new students for a year before becoming frustrated with their lack of enthusiasm and drive, two points that define Willie as not just an artist, but as a person.

A former employer, hearing of his situation offered him a job . Shortly after he started working there,he became interested in a company that was creating a large sand sculpture he had happened to see.

After volunteering for a few weeks, the company offered him a chance to travel the country carving these large Earthen creations. He did this for a couple years, until some creative differences caused him to part ways.

Now ,that former employer came calling again and Willie worked for them a short time until a couple interior designers began to ask him if he had ever done any faux painting? Not knowing what that term meant, they explained that it was the French word for “fake” ….basically painting things To mimic real things…in this instance, mostly taking walls and making them look old and giving them more interest.

Not having a background in the faux painting field, he had to teach himself from scratch. But he believed if he could paint a person, he could surely paint a wall to look aged. So he volunteered to do do some “fauxing” for them in their room in an upcoming ASID Show house. One thing or one . room led to another until five design firms had him painting their spaces…which led to a feature in a major magazine showcasing his new found field.

With his keen eye for color and knack for detail, his reputation grew quickly. With over twenty years and thousands of projects behind him, Willie and his crew look forward to any challenge asked of them in the future.