History of Decorative Finishes

For as long as there have been walls, people have found a way to embellish them. Whether it was engraving a crude hieroglyphic into the wall of a cave, or painting a busy scenery on a cathedral dome — throughout the ages, people have strived to add that extra touch to their boring walls.

Decorative finishes were synonymous with the European Renaissance; a time where nearly anyone could afford to adorn their homes with real stone, but only the elite could contract artisans to create one-of-a-kind pieces for their living spaces.

The early 90’s saw a major upswing in hand-painted, custom finishes throughout the United States. Everyone and their mother-in-law considered themselves to be professional painters…causing the word ‘faux’ to be mistaken for another four-letter word. This trend to make every home look “aged” or “old world” created a slew of truly horrible interiors. After years of walls being smudged and smeared to death, designers reverted back to solid colors and wallpapers…how boring. This trend caused the hype, and demand, surrounding faux painting to evaporate.

At WEBart, we pride ourselves in creating hand painted finishes, appropriate for your home’s specific architecture, your unique tastes, and your wallet. Since 1992, we’ve spanned the United States with our work, and have taken our talents overseas as well.

Whether you’re looking for something contemporary, European, Southwestern…or something completely your own — we will create a lasting look that will make your home everything you’ve imagined.