Custom Art


My earliest memories of being “artistic” are from as far back as the second grade. And my passion for creating art was stoked farther by my high school art teacher. She was the person that pushed me to move to Arizona to further my education and follow my dream of being an artist.

Working full time as an artist since starting WebArt in 1992, I have created countless pieces of both “fine” and “commercial” art. The difference in these two being,in simplest terms… that when I create a piece and it was conceived solely by myself for the sake of just being creative , can be called ” fine art”. While a “commercial” piece usually starts with a request from a potential client to fill a particular want or need.

In no way does this belittle or lessen the creative value or importance of the latter. And many times , is more important to a client to have found a craftsman that can bring their idea or need to fruition. I pride myself in having been able to create one of kind works in a wide variety of mediums, for a wide variety of clients throughout the U.S. and a handful of other countries.

Fine Art

Commercial Art